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Cannabis Solutions for your Pharmacy 

PharmPro can Partner with your Cannabis Pharmacy and provide solutions that support your organizations growth and development.  We work with both the Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis sides of the industry.  Contact our firm to learn how we can help support your organization.  

Professional Recruiting 

PharmPro provides professional recruiting to our Cannabis Partners.  We focus on your organizations culture and the job duties - providing your team with quality employees. 

Executive Search 

Our Team at PharmPro will provide Executive Search Support to your Organization.  We conduct a needs assessment of the Executive your seeking to lead your Cannabis Team.  We have a data base of top level executives that can support your organizations growth.  

Strategic Sales and Marketing Support

PharmPro offers organizations sales and marketing support services.  This in includes brand management, targeted advertising appealing to the customer's sense of value and marketing campaigns that can increase - revenue for your organization. 

Temporary Staffing

Our Temporary Staffing model allows for your organization to hire for short or long term needs (projects).  We have a pool of candidates with specialized skills in the cannabis business.  We will help your organization maintain operational efficiency - with quality staff. 

HR Consulting & Development 

Our internal HR Consulting team is available to help your organization advice and solutions focused in the HR area.  We have both legal and compliance based consultants available - we will help your organization stay within compliance and focus on continued business success.

Business Management 

We provide audit support to the regulated cannabis industry - which is developing rapidly  with evolving laws and regulations.  We offer compliance monitoring and audits performed by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.  

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