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Call Center Solutions 

At PharmPro, we provide customer service solutions for healthcare/pharmacy based areas.   Our team is equipped to handle a range of inquiries and concerns and is committed to delivering exceptional customer service to all our clients. We believe that providing quality support is key to ensuring customer satisfaction and we are committed to going above and beyond to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our scalable and empathetic customer service solutions.

At PharmPro we specialize in delivering top-notch, scalable customer service solutions for healthcare companies. We understand the importance of creating exceptional member and patient experiences, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your patients, members, and clients receive the best support possible. From navigating benefits to scheduling appointments, our highly trained customer service representatives are equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way.

  • Prescription Services: Whether consumers are contacting you to renew a prescription or ask questions regarding drug side-effects and contraindications, we will be there to help. We can interface with your web-based order processing software to address callers’ needs promptly and professionally.

  • Medication Therapy Management: Handling Consulting/or scheduling of patients for your pharmacy operation.  Our team is available to streamline this process for your pharmacy. 

  • Patient Retention Support: Our team at PharmPro will follow up with your patient(s) and make sure they have the medications they need from your pharmacy - and conduct an assessment to make sure the patient was 100% satisfied with the services. 

  • URAC Support: Let our team support your URAC call center standards - provide the support you need to maintain your accreditation.   

  • 24-Hour Answering: It would be nice if all of your customers needed your services during regular business hours, but you know that is not the case, Whether it’s 3 AM on a Thursday or 4 PM on Thanksgiving Day, our friendly agents are ready to answer your call.

  Benefits of using PharmPro's Services... 

  • Professional Representation: In any business, image is everything. Exceptional service is not only appreciated by customers, but your industry demands it. When you team up with us, you will never have to worry about how your pharmacy is being portrayed. We work closely with you to create a service tailored to meet the needs of your corporation, sustaining the highest caliber service for you and your callers. This is especially important for online pharmacies.

  • Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity: Our staff works remotely and virtually, so there is no need to hire or train additional employees, and no equipment to purchase or install.

  • We Do Not Off-shore: Our employees are remote or on-site at our corporate office, we do not off-shore or subcontract out services.  You will always have a "live" team member available to answer any questions about your services and the supports we provide.  Our team is efficient and will provide excellent patient care.  

  • Reporting: Custom Reporting and Metrics are part of our services, we can tailor a report however you would like to see it - including all types of metrics and analytics.  

Call Center
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